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Taizi Ch16.2

The history book had a record about all sorts of beauty that tended to bring trouble. Many people will find ways to flirt with them, the more beautiful they are, the more likely to be sexually harassed. The embarrassing scenes, one after another vividly passed by, and the […]

Taizi Ch16.1

After a round of secret talks, the mother and son bid farewells unwillingly. When Yong Qi came out did he realize that there had been a big heavy snowfall outside the hall, with pieces of snowflakes covering the ground and flowers, like wrapping in a brand new dress […]

Taizi Ch15.2

With just a glance at the gate, Yong Qi became so sad that he almost shed tears. His mother was like a fine Jade flower who used to live in a high position and with great wealth. Many people used to line up to fawn upon her, but […]

Taizi Ch15.1

[Was busy this week and almost couldn’t meet the schedule. I had to do this chapter to two parts. Ahh. Okay, hope you like it.] All the people in the palace were in a panic. The emperor’s condition was unknown, but the prince was helped out by the […]

Taizi Ch14

[A bit earlier than scheduled.] After quickly changing into his formal attire, Yong Shan rushed to inquire about their father’s condition with Yong Lin. As if the Emperor’s illness became serious, the sky would fall down at every turn. Because of the affection between father and sons, there […]

Taizi Ch13

[NSFW!] Yong Shan lowered his head, his attitude remained calm and collected even after seeing the teardrop on his palm. Noticing the tension on Yong Qi’s waist, and knowing that he was about to reach his limit, he rubbed his fingertips more gently, and the squeaking moist rubbing […]

Taizi Ch12

[NSFW!!] The scene inside the room was still the same as before when he left. Yong Lin was still talking about his naughty deeds on the side while Yong Qi was listening beside him. Feeling like sitting wasn’t enough, he stood up from his chair, acting out by […]

Taizi Ch11.2

[I read 2Ha once, and cried once. After listening to the audio drama, I started reading again. And once again my soul is being tortured. And since my soul has been tortured to the point of being depressed, I decided to update another half of chapter 11 today. […]

Taizi Ch11.1

The place where they were going to study was in a small room called Jingxin Zhai, Tranquil Heart study room, in the Prince palace. When the two arrived together, the current Taifu, Wang Jingqiao, had arrived a long time earlier, and Yong Shan explained a few words of […]

Taizi Ch10.2

Hugging Yong Qi to sleep, Yong Shan slept very well all night. ++++++ Yong Shan woke up feeling refreshed, full of pleasant feelings, without a trace of being tired. As soon as he opened his eyes, he was met with Yong Qi’s back, as well as the slightly […]