Category: Life After Marrying My Love Rival

Ch59: Are you throwing a tantrum?

Shen Du was dumbfounded for an instant. He had a mood that was hard to describe, but still immediately returned Ye Nanqi’s embrace, using one of his hands to gently stroke around his earlobe and cheek while the other hand soothing his back and pressed him hard in […]

Ch58: My husband

In order to chase his wife, Shen Du would give up anything, even his face. Furthermore, the “en” from Nanqi was also like a piece of sweet candy gifting to him, which made him even more shameless as he smiled and said, “Are you here in my dream? […]

Chapter 56: You’re so cute

There was no doubt that this was something that Shen Du had planned long ago. Ye Nanqi wasn’t stupid enough to think that there would be such a “coincidence”. Ye Nanqi sat down by the window with a dark face while thinking of Shen Du’s reluctant appearance the […]

Ch55: Can I look one more time?

Shen Du was full of sour vinegar. He bowed his head expressionlessly, and opened Baidu for a search. What should I do if my wife likes a little puppy? ++++++ However, he wasn’t very satisfied with the search results. If it wasn’t about sharing the benefits of falling […]

Chapter 54: Sweet

After eating, Ye Nanqi and Shen Du went to the hospital together. Since there were still many things needed to handle afterwards, Li Hengran went back first, leaving only a few men to guard the hospital. Chen Wen was still lying on the hospital bed. After the fright, […]

Chapter 53: I want to sleep too

The atmosphere suddenly became ambiguous. Ye Nanqi’s heartbeats quickened as he was being suppressed. He couldn’t get away nor ask the other person to roll out. The only thing he could do was to stare at him with his big round eyes. He had round dark pupils, the […]

Chapter 52: I only like you

[Domain’s been switched and moved here now.] [A little of sexual abuse mentioned.] When the party started, Shen Du led the person with him in a graceful manner. In the open-air swimming pool, a few people were thrashing water like fools. Some people took a glass of wine […]

Chapter 51: You’re mine

[Domain’s been switched and moved here now.] The car that kidnapped Chen Wen was being tailed by Shen Du’s men. The road was also almost all blocked when they were about to leave the city. The other party suddenly noticed that they were driven into a corner, and […]