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Taizi ch9. 3

(I do not hate Yong Shan, but I’m feeling bad for Yong Qi. 🤧 ) Yong Shan sat up abruptly. Looking closely at Yong Qi again, it seemed that he hadn’t woken up yet. The desire in his lower abdomen clamored even more intensely, and while being unable […]

Taizi ch9. 2

(Last time I said I had to divide chapter 9 to two parts, but now it’s become three. And here is the 2nd part.) The prisoner spoke in a casual and elegant manner. His every word was  astonishing. After Yong Shan listened to it, he was puzzled for […]

Taizi ch9. 1

(Due to the length of the chapter, I had to divide to two parts. And here’s the first part.) After driving Yong Lin away, Yong Shan turned around and went inside. Yong Qi, thinking he was unable to escape this time yet again, had no choice but to […]