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Taizi Ch12

[NSFW!!] The scene inside the room was still the same as before when he left. Yong Lin was still talking about his naughty deeds on the side while Yong Qi was listening beside him. Feeling like sitting wasn’t enough, he stood up from his chair, acting out by […]

I Treat You Like A Brother Ch2

2. Understanding Men Zou Shun on the other end of the phone immediately sighed in disappointment. “I suspect that this person deliberately made up stories to disgust people.” He said. “It’s possible,” Fang Mo loudly agreed, “Don’t take it to heart, forget it!” “Okay,” Zou Shun said, then […]

I Treat You Like A Brother Ch1

[I came across this audio drama by chance, listened to one episode then got hooked. The audio drama is pretty cute and funny. There are also Japanese sections. As a Japanese student, as soon as I heard it, my interest was piqued. So I decided to translate this […]

Taizi Ch11.2

[I read 2Ha once, and cried once. After listening to the audio drama, I started reading again. And once again my soul is being tortured. And since my soul has been tortured to the point of being depressed, I decided to update another half of chapter 11 today. […]

Taizi Ch11.1

The place where they were going to study was in a small room called Jingxin Zhai, Tranquil Heart study room, in the Prince palace. When the two arrived together, the current Taifu, Wang Jingqiao, had arrived a long time earlier, and Yong Shan explained a few words of […]

Taizi Ch10.2

Hugging Yong Qi to sleep, Yong Shan slept very well all night. ++++++ Yong Shan woke up feeling refreshed, full of pleasant feelings, without a trace of being tired. As soon as he opened his eyes, he was met with Yong Qi’s back, as well as the slightly […]

Taizi ch10.1

(Note: I can’t compare but this is probably the longest chapter I’ve ever done. Since there’s no way to cut in the middle, I just had to make it through. Reminder: a little bit NSFW of this chapter. It’s my first time translating smexy, so if there’s any […]

Taizi ch9. 3

(I do not hate Yong Shan, but I’m feeling bad for Yong Qi. 🤧 ) Yong Shan sat up abruptly. Looking closely at Yong Qi again, it seemed that he hadn’t woken up yet. The desire in his lower abdomen clamored even more intensely, and while being unable […]

Taizi ch9. 2

(Last time I said I had to divide chapter 9 to two parts, but now it’s become three. And here is the 2nd part.) The prisoner spoke in a casual and elegant manner. His every word was  astonishing. After Yong Shan listened to it, he was puzzled for […]

Taizi ch9. 1

(Due to the length of the chapter, I had to divide to two parts. And here’s the first part.) After driving Yong Lin away, Yong Shan turned around and went inside. Yong Qi, thinking he was unable to escape this time yet again, had no choice but to […]