Why Did The Good Ol'Enemy Force The Marriage?

Chapter 23 part 2: Must Take Responsible For Being Rough On Me

However, Lord Marshal, who dealt with a lot of problems every day, didn’t think it was unreasonable, and calmly responded, “I see.”

“Good. I’ve stayed here for two days, and I have to go back,” Yu Tong stretched out her waist lazily, and said with a smile, “Xiao Bao, don’t bully Xiao Ji while your mother is away ah.”

Qi Qing decided to bypass this critical juncture. “…I will send you back.”

He lifted the medicine box and quietly said, “Dan Dan, watch your Mama. Have him lie down and continue to rest. I will be back in half an hour.”

The little robot who pretend to be a toy lying on Ji Xingjue’s lap, immediately got up and saluted, “Okay, Papa!”

Ji Xingjue moved his body up and pressed
the little robot’s ears depressedly. After the pair of mother and son left, the air in the room became cold again.

He turned his head and found that his terminal that had been seized by the Ministry of Security had been taken back and placed on the bedside. He stretched out his hand and pulled the terminal over, put it back on his wrist, and turned it on again.

The little robot dutifully reminded him, “Mama, Papa asked you to continue to rest.”

Ji Xingjue took a look at him, and a flash of light appeared within his eyes. While opening the news interface, he slowly coaxed, “Dan Dan, this smart chip of this terminal is the latest research and developed chip, which processes information quickly, has complete functions, and is highly intelligent. Do you want to be as powerful as it is?”

The little robot’s eyes shone, full of yearning. “Want!”

Then he shook his head again. “But Papa said that after changing the chip, Dan Dan will not be Dan Dan anymore. Dan Dan wants to be himself and stay with Papa and Mama.”

Ji Xingjue calmly moved and touched its head, with a gentle smile on his lips. “Okay, then don’t change it.”

In just two days, the rumors on the Imperial Star network had changed several times, from the chaotic “Ankara University Professor Murder Case” to “Marshal Assassination”. At the same time, there was also a “VANTECH High-level Meeting” video.

The mysterious hacker who broke through the VANTECH’s firewall had thrown the existence of the Holy Order into the public eye.

Ji Xingjue glanced at the news, which was almost as he expected, and then opened the information interface.

Recently, his life had been quite colorful and rich with all the messages coming in filling his terminal. The latest messages were all about asking him how he was doing. It was probably the result of the great achievement of him saving the Marshal’s life in the Security Department which couldn’t be kept secret from the public of the Empire.

Ji Xingjue touched the interface a few times, and all those who he was not familiar with were ignored. The group of acquaintances he barely knew would receive a smiley face, and finally it was Song Mei and Cecilie. He specifically replied: just woke up, not dead yet.

The next moment, the video coming from those two people jumped to the terminal.

He connected to the video, leaned against the bed, and waved his hand at them lazily. “Good evening to you both.”

Ji Xingjue’s face looked bad but it wasn’t as bad as the rumor had it that he was having only one breath left to live. Song Mei was relieved when he saw him. “Ancestor, you are finally showing up. That brat Qi Qing had people guarding outside the Marshal’s Mansion and no one was allowed to enter. Me and Cecilie were going to dig a tunnel to get in to confirm that your safety is at stake.”

“The bottom of the Marshal’s Mansion lies in a metal structure. It’s more reliable for you two to fly in with wings.” Ji Xingjue raised his eyebrows and teased, “Why, I haven’t seen you for two days, and you two miss me that much?”

Cecilie cracked the melon seeds between her teeth and said coldly, “Miss ah, there is a story spreading in the great streets and small alleys roaming everywhere in the city, that you are in love with Marshal Qi. In order to protect him, you went flying to block the bomb. We are also quite curious.”

Song Mei echoed and continued, “It is also rumored that Marshal Qi is being mingled in a love-hate relationship with you, he hates you but still loves you and will save you even if you offend the second prince. It is really touching ahhh!”

Ji Xingjue: “…..”

What shit rumors.

For a moment, the strength of his hand grew heavier and squeezed the bunny ears. After being stared at by Dan Dan aggrievedly, he quickly touched them to show comfort, and asked carefully, “Do you know what’s going on with Cathy?”

“Cathy?” Cecilie’s melon seeds cracking sound still continued, “What’s wrong with her?”

“That girl has taken my class. She took leave a few days ago and was not in school recently.” Song Mei looked itchy, and leaned close to Cecilie, wanting to shovel a large amount of it carelessly. The latter gave him a cold look, and sent him back angrily.

Later, Cecilie tilted her legs, divided a handful of them to him, and continued to nibble on melon seeds and asked, “Is she involved in your case?”

It seems like Qi Qing suppressed the news.

Lord Marshal didn’t say anything, but he did everything in a safe and reliable manner.

Ji Xingjue smiled, “No, I’m just afraid she is too sad.”

The two people on the opposite side had the same posture, and the sound of chanting melon seeds was endless, which made Ji Xingjue’s brain hurt.

He said a few more words to the two of them, but the noise was so troublesome that he couldn’t bear it. Hearing the sound of a suspension car faintly coming from outside, he immediately prepared to hang up the video. “I won’t talk to you anymore.”

“Hey, hey,” Song Mei was dissatisfied, “Who’s the good brother who rushed to the cafeteria to fight for food and brought it back to the dormitory because someone slept in? You say hang up and hang up, what’s more important than me over there?”

Ji Xingjue took a look at this little fat man’s lacking in appearance, and decided to imitate Qi Qing, using the words that could knock people off their feet. “My husband is home, goodbye.”

The video ended with a di sound, and it happened to be stuck in the scene where the two people on the opposite side were choked by melon seeds.

Ji Xingjue was in a good mood. He turned off the terminal, lay down and closed his eyes, pretending that he was having a good rest.

There were sounds of footsteps outside, and when the door was pushed open to the side, a fascinating smell of food spread into the room.

With a slight discomfort hit his stomach, Ji Xingjue remembered that he seemed to have not eaten for two days.

Qi Qing glanced at Ji Xingjue, who was in the quilt while holding the food plate steadily in his hands.

Maybe it was because he was too tolerant, the tricks of a certain someone surname Ji became more and more perfunctory, and that he didn’t even take off the terminal on his wrist.

The latter also pretended to yawn, as if he was awakened by him with sleepy eyes.

After watching his performance, Qi Qing turned to the little robot. “Dan Dan, what did your Mama do during the time I was away?”

Ji Xingjue’s scalp tightened, and quickly winked at the little robot.

It’s a pity that the little robot’s intelligence didn’t have a support function for it to understand this kind of thing. It would say whatever the mutiny was. “Mama turned on the terminal and chatted with ‘Song Mei’ and ‘Cecilie’.”

The corner of Qi Qing’s mouth evoked a cold arc. “What did he talk about?”

Ji Xingjue thought that he would have a big headache this time and rushed to stop. “Lord Marshal, this is an invasion of privacy.”

However, even if he could interrupt Qi Qing, he still couldn’t beat the small robot. “Before Papa entered the door, Mama was telling them, ‘I’m not talking to you anymore, my husband is coming home, goodbye’.”

Qi Qing: “…..”

Although it was the little robot who called him that, his hand shook slightly without being noticed and almost slipped the dinner plate onto the bed.

He calmly put down the food, lowered his eyes, and looked at Ji Xingjue coldly.

Ji Xingjue: “……”

He decided to destroy this artificial mental retardation tonight.

The atmosphere in the room was silent for a while.

Ji Xingjue closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He summoned up courage and explained without daring to look at Qi Qing’s expression, “Don’t get me wrong, I was just joking with them.”

There was a few seconds of silence while a faint breathing came from the top of his head before a voice sounded, “I know.”

Ji Xingjue secretly decided not to raise his head and look at Qi Qing within the next three days.

He made a few curses silently before pulling over the dinner plate, and sullenly had his meal while praying that Qi Qing could understand the embarrassing atmosphere of the room, and left quickly.

It’s a pity that Qi Qing had never looked at other people’s signals, nor gave face to others. He pulled a chair and sat on the side, opening the terminal leisurely to check if there was any missing information.

Ji Xingjue felt that the meal couldn’t be swallowed anymore. “Lord Marshal, you don’t have to stay here.”

“You want to leave the Imperial Capital?” Qi Qing asked without looking up.

Ji Xingjue glanced at the little robot that shrank himself into a ball, and said quietly, “….since when were you able to do this kind of thing?”

In his heart, Qi Qing should be disdainful of using this method.

“Otherwise, how do you think I have lived until now?” Thinking that that Ji Xingjue would have a deep misunderstanding about him, Qi Qing raised his eyebrows, “Don’t worry, I only listened to the key information.”

Ji Xingjue was not at ease at all.

But since Qi Qing already knew it, it would be meaningless if he didn’t admit it. He took a sip of the soup and said perplexedly, “I have a plan.”

“Why did that priest attack you?” Qi Qing guessed that he was embarrassed enough, lifted his thin eyelids, and turned his gaze back. “The news in the Imperial Capital says that ‘Cultists attack the Imperial Marshal’, but you should know better than me that that person was aiming at you.”

All these disturbances were directed at Ji Xingjue.

Some people were deliberate and wanted to get rid of Ji Xingjue.

Ji Xingjue spreaded out his hands, “How would I know? Maybe it is the Empire’s research on bionics technology that has annoyed them. This is a technology for sinners.”

This person’s words were believable somewhat.

Qi Qing nodded slowly, “I see.”

Ji Xingjue stopped eating long ago, and the chat was about to end. Qi Qing put away the dinner plate, turned around and poured a cup of hot water, unscrewed a few pills, poured out the pills, and placed them in the palm of his palm, signaling Ji Xingjue to take the medicine.

Ji Xingjue, who almost forgot about this, twitched at the corner of his mouth, and found that Yu Tong’s instructions were quite reasonable.

The pill was a bit big, Ji Xingjue’s body was still weak, and a pill needed to be swallowed with two mouthfuls of water. After taking the medicine, he felt a little better and his face was quite ruddy, looking a little bit less of a sly fox, but a little bit cuter.

Qi Qing’s tone was exceptionally softener. “Take a good rest, and I will enter the Palace to see His Majesty the day after tomorrow.”

When he entered the palace to see what His Majesty was doing, Ji Xingjue knew almost everything in his heart. Seeing that Qi Qing was about to leave, he hesitated. “How is Cathy?”

“Temporarily detained at the military headquarters.”

Finding that Qi Qing was still staying where he was, waiting patiently for him to speak, Ji Xingjue cried out, “Qing Qing?”

Qi Qing’s en was sounded.

Why did Lord Marshal’s bad temper suddenly change?

The corner of Ji Xingjue’s lips bent shortly. “Can I visit her tomorrow?”

Qi Qing pressed on the doorknob, picked up the little robot, and dropped a sentence, “Remember the explanation you owe me.”

The door of the room closed with a click, and Ji Xingjue rubbed his stomach and fell back on the bed. He wanted to analyze the recent situation again, but his brain quickly mashed up, and his eyelids fell heavily.

Probably a side effect of the medicine.

However, thanks to the few pills, Ji Xingjue didn’t dream again all night, his spirit improved a lot after waking up, and his face was no longer as pale as the night before.

Before breakfast, Qi Qing pressed Ji Xingjue and checked his physical and mental data. After seeing that the values were all normal, he let him go, and added coldly, “My mother asked me to record it.”

Ji Xingjue smiled. “I know, I’m sorry to trouble you.”

After eating breakfast together, Ji Xingjue went upstairs and changed his clothes.

Qi Qing bought him a closet of clothes, all of which were available throughout the year. He picked a shirt casually, and his mind couldn’t help but reverberate Song Mei’s baffling remark of “married to a rich man”. Feeling that he was also spiritually contaminated, he decided to go back and settle accounts with Song Mei later.

Although it wasn’t his first time to go to the military department, it felt quite strange to go to the military department with Qi Qing early in the morning.

It was as if he was sending Qi Qing to work.

Ji Xingjue thought and felt secretly amused at himself.

The suspension car was parked at the military headquarters, and it was Damel who came up to pick up Ji Xingjue.

After two days of absence, the adjutant’s eyes had two dark circles under his eyes. Seeing Ji Xingjue intact, he was pleasantly surprised and ashamed. “Furen, it’s great that you are fine! I’m very sorry, it was my fault for taking it lightly that day, and almost hurt you and the Marshal.”

Ji Xingjue waved his hand and smiled kindly, “It’s okay, I won’t blame you.”

Once those “transforming people” went mad, they would be strong enough to overturn three big guys, and it would be strange if Damel could control them.

Since Ji Xingjue came to visit the place secretly, he didn’t enter the building from the main entrance with Qi Qing. He waved goodbye to Lord Marshal, and walked around to the military cell which used to temporarily detain suspects with Damel.

Compared to the Ministry of Security, the treatment in the military’s prison was much better, which was very humanitarian. Each room was equipped with complete infrastructure and the environment was wide and bright.

Damel led Ji Xingjue, smoothly walked all the way straight to the front door of the first floor, and saluted, “Furen, I won’t follow you in. The monitoring equipment has been temporarily closed, please let me know if you want anything else.”

This was most likely the order from Qi Qing.

Unexpectedly, Qi Qing would be so comprehensive. After Ji Xingjue politely thanked him, he watched him open the door and walk in.

Inside was Cathy hugging her knees, squatting on the bed, and leaning against the wall in a daze.

She didn’t respond when she heard the movement. It wasn’t until Ji Xingjue walked in front of her that she suddenly reacted, and her lips moved. “Professor Ji.”

Ji Xingjue was not angry after being reported. He looked down at the haggard girl and sighed slightly, his expression was still gentle. “The turmoil outside hasn’t calmed down. After another two days, the military will let you go back. The school has asked for leave for you. No one knows you are here, and no one will spread it out. Don’t worry.”

After being agitated to plunge into the whirlpool of “revenge”, she finally realized that she had done something to the person that shouldn’t be touched, and Cathy was full of fear.

She couldn’t imagine the expressions and words of those who knew her after learning that she had a deal with the cultist who attacked the Marshal.

Even if there was suspicion when negotiating with that person, knowing that the other person might not be a good person, this girl who was only 18 years old never thought that she would bear such a terrible price.

She felt that she was dead in another sense.

―until Ji Xingjue told her so.

The girl’s lips trembled and her voice shaking. “Real, really?”

“Really.” Ji Xingjue soothed, “Don’t be afraid. People from the Ministry of Security and the Military Department will not come to you in the future. You are not the one who did the wrong thing.”

His tone was sincere and affirmative, with a convincing power. Her fear of these few days finally dissipated for most of it. Cathy stared at him blankly, tears falling to the ground.

She hugged her knees and cried quietly.

Ji Xingjue stood by the bed, accompanied her quietly, without urging or leaving.

After a long time, she finally stopped crying but still sobbing, and raised her eyes from between her arms. “Professor, aren’t you angry?”

“You are innocent.” Ji Xingjue was silent for a while, “I shouldn’t be angry.”

There were still tears in the corner of Cathy’s eyes as she stared at him.

Ji Xingjue had a hard time facing such a gaze. In a low voice, he said, “I have to go. I’m sorry for getting you involved in this kind of thing. You will be fine.”

He finally smiled comfortingly at Cathy, then turned and left the cell.

Damel was guarding outside, seeing him coming out, and re-opening the monitoring equipment. When he closed the cell door, he couldn’t help but look inside. “The little girl is being used…but Furen, are you really not angry at all?”

Ji Xingjue pursed his thin lips and shook his head silently.

The footsteps of the two people echoed “ta, ta, ta” in the corridor, like a ticking clock turning back in time.

His thoughts floated back half a year ago, to a distant light years away.

The signal blocker cut off the signal. Even if Yser’s terminal actually captured something, it would not be possible to upload it to the cloud.

Unless… Yser was still alive.

But this was even more impossible.

No one could get out of that situation.

The follow-up to that blurry video was a follow-up in one’s memory.

The instruments of the starship in the distance were malfunctioning, the red lights in the cabin were flashing, the intelligent system was about to collapse, and the warning was ringing loudly.

The star pirates hurried around in the starship in a panic, trying to find out the problem and fighting for the star cocoon to escape the starship.

Ji Xingjue stood in front of the starship’s communication light screen, watching all this.

The silver-haired and red-eyed young man standing at one side of the light screen tilted his head and looked at those people, expression was regretful and disappointed. “Sure enough, it is a mob. Won’t be able to use it with great power.”

As his voice fell, Ji Xingjue’s throbbing pain got worse.

His forehead was hot, his lips were dry and chapped because he hadn’t touched water for a long time, and his bloody red eyes were filled with tiredness, and his voice was hoarse. “Yser, your starship will explode in three minutes.”

The boy looked at him and sighed with pity. “You really make me feel bad for you, teacher.”

Ji Xingjue looked at him coldly.

Compared with the embarrassing and awkward appearance of the people around him hurriedly running away, the young man was calm and irrelevant, with a smile on his perfectly exquisite face, and chatted about the usual. “Have you taken medicine?”

Ji Xingjue still didn’t say a word, and Yser said to himself, “It seems that you haven’t taken yet. You are really disobedient.”

A smile remained at the corners of his lips, but his eyes were cold. “You came here with a sickness and chased after ten millions light years, is it for the Glorious Empire? Teacher, why do you do this for a group of stupid people of the Empire? Don’t forget, we are…”

“You are wrong,” Ji Xingjue interrupted him, his voice was slow and deep, “It’s just that you shouldn’t get your hands on Qi Qing.”

Yser put away his smile. “Is he your bottom line?”

Constantly jumping from the Imperial Capital, rushing for a few days without rest, Ji Xingjue was already exhausted to the extreme.

There was almost a double image in front of him. He supported the battleship’s console, suppressed his nausea, and exhaled in a deep breath. “No.”

Yser raised his eyebrows after receiving an unexpected answer.

“The bottom line requires constant touch and temptation,” Ji Xingjue moved his finger to the battleship’s muzzle control button without a trace of hesitation. “Unfortunately, he is someone you can’t touch at all.”

The cannonball swayed away like a meteor, and the communication light screen was completely disconnected after flickering.

The battleship in the distance exploded into brilliant fireworks, and the strong air current shook the battleship for a while.

The high-intensity mental consumption finally overdrawn his body. He passed out in the violent shaking. It was already risky enough to track down to the Sixth Galaxy. When he woke up, the starship had automatically drifted into the Seventh Galaxy.

Ahead was the frontline of the galaxy that Qi Qing was guarding.

Ji Xingjue still found it difficult to understand what he thought at that time. He would choose to spend a precious day and carefully drive the starship to the nearest planet near the base where Qi Qing was stationed. On the nearest planet, he watched the star that was close at hand yet far away for a while before making continuous transitions back to the Imperial Capital.

Qi Qing said that he had no reason to kill Yser.


When he gazed into the distance and fell at the military front line and the light blue planet appeared in his eyes, that was his reason.

T/N: Total of this chapter after translation: about 6,400 words. 2 times longer than the previous ones. ¯\_༼ ಥ ‿ ಥ ༽_/¯ hope you enjoy.

PS: touch Qi Qing and you’ll die!

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