Month: August 2021

Taizi Ch16.2

The history book had a record about all sorts of beauty that tended to bring trouble. Many people will find ways to flirt with them, the more beautiful they are, the more likely to be sexually harassed. The embarrassing scenes, one after another vividly passed by, and the […]

Taizi Ch16.1

After a round of secret talks, the mother and son bid farewells unwillingly. When Yong Qi came out did he realize that there had been a big heavy snowfall outside the hall, with pieces of snowflakes covering the ground and flowers, like wrapping in a brand new dress […]

Ch62: Little bastard

Although Bai Yu’s attitude towards Xue Jingshan was neither hostile or friendly, they were always seen together. Even a scrawny camel is bigger than a horse, although the Bai family was flourishing, it still wasn’t good to offend the old timer such as the Xue family. [T/N: a […]

Ch60: At the end of his patience

Ye Mei was the oldest child in the family with a younger brother and a younger sister underneath. The younger brother was a bit introverted, but he had excellent grades and was lovely and obedient. Ye Mei often mentioned him in her spare time and her words were […]

Taizi Ch15.2

With just a glance at the gate, Yong Qi became so sad that he almost shed tears. His mother was like a fine Jade flower who used to live in a high position and with great wealth. Many people used to line up to fawn upon her, but […]

Ch59: Are you throwing a tantrum?

Shen Du was dumbfounded for an instant. He had a mood that was hard to describe, but still immediately returned Ye Nanqi’s embrace, using one of his hands to gently stroke around his earlobe and cheek while the other hand soothing his back and pressed him hard in […]

Ch58: My husband

In order to chase his wife, Shen Du would give up anything, even his face. Furthermore, the “en” from Nanqi was also like a piece of sweet candy gifting to him, which made him even more shameless as he smiled and said, “Are you here in my dream? […]