I Treat You Like A Brother

I Treat You Like A Brother Ch2

2. Understanding Men

Zou Shun on the other end of the phone immediately sighed in disappointment.

“I suspect that this person deliberately made up stories to disgust people.” He said.

“It’s possible,” Fang Mo loudly agreed, “Don’t take it to heart, forget it!”

“Okay,” Zou Shun said, then suddenly remembering of something, “Don’t mention that stupid × anymore. By the way, do you still remember what I told you in the afternoon?” After he finished speaking, he laughed hehe twice, and his tone once again turned to a rare shyness.

Fang Mo originally had forgotten about it and only remembered again when the other person mentioned it. After all, he said that he would listen to his troubles.

This guy Zou Shun seemed to have been possessed recently. In the relationship between men and men, he had done a lot of ruthless, unjustified and unreasonable troubles, which saddened and broke a lot of people’s hearts. It stands to reason that he was an veteran in love. But recently, he suddenly acted like a young girl expressing her falling in love for the first time.

Fang Mo had never dealt with this type of a maiden before so he was a bit confused. However, he had heard Zou Shun mentioned a lot before. Partly out of curiosity and partly out of concern, Fang Mo was originally very happy to hear Zou Shun come talk to him in detail.

Just then the private message dialog window on the computer screen flickered again.

“Cough,” Fang Mo lowered his head and pretended to clear his throat, “I… suddenly remembered something urgent, can I call you later?”

“Ah? What’s the matter?” Zou Shun asked.

“Anyway, that… I’ll hang up first.” After he finished speaking, he immediately cut off the call before Zou Shun could speak anything more.

He quickly turned off the photo and after relogging the message box, he found that the other party had sent three new messages during this period of time.

“Can you see it?”


“Are you still there?”

Fang Mo quickly replied.

“Here, here, here! I went to answer a call just now!”

After sending it out, he realized that he seemed to be too excited. It’s a pity that private messages did not have a withdrawal function, which was really helpless for him.

Fortunately, the opposite side didn’t seem to realize anything was wrong.

“I thought you might be thinking I was talking nonsense since I’m just a passerby hahaha.”

Fang Mo gave a loud yell in his heart, utter rubbish! He had walked so many roads in the twenty years of his life and had never seen such a passerby. After clicking on the picture again, adjusting the size and moving it to the side of the dialog box, Fang Mo replied while admiring it.

“How come ah, you are too humble.”

He was unable to tell which spot of this person’s face, expression, and body to be special, but everything was just all special, even the corners of his eyes and eyebrows were all sexy. All in all, they were Fang Mo’s favourite dishes, so handsome that Fang Mo was delirious. Fang Mo bet that if he really posted a photo on the article on the floor above, those little gays who were still furious would all line up and shout that I can in the last second.

Fortunately, the photo wasn’t published.

Thinking about it this way, this person who had just had a series of seemingly suspicious behaviors, had become excusable for his charming personality.

Obviously, the sentence he wrote before was true, however, he was heavily criticized by the comment area. His temper was so good that he didn’t respond from beginning to end, and didn’t slap everyone in the face because of the impulse to take a photo and show it in public. What a sensible, gentle, steady, and very, very, very handsome person.

Fang Mo’s heart was beating amorously.

“Let’s stop blasting off against each other for now, we really don’t have anything in common?” 

The other party said again.

This was true. Even though Fang Mo didn’t look feminine, he was quite a delicate type among men. His double eyelids were distinct and narrow, his lips were thin and the corners of his lips rose slightly. His nose was also high, and slim. The other person was obviously more rough than him, with sword eyebrows, starlike eyes, and an average pointy chin.

Fang Mo pondered for a while, and felt that although they didn’t look alike, they would be a good match.

It’s a pity that what the other party was thinking was completely different from him.

“It seems that the boundary of the gay’s preference in the community is also quite diverse. I used to think that their interest in me is different from ordinary people’s special preferences. It seems that the mainstream standards of mankind are still common, and they will inevitably like you too, handsome guy.”

Fang Mo keenly extracted the information he wanted from it.

This person must have been thinking from within his heart that Fang Mo was very handsome! Fang Mo forcefully resisted the distorted smile, then frantically searched through his own album, picked out the most satisfying photo taken recently, and posted it.

This photo wasn’t a selfie, but he found it from the school’s confession forum. A girl secretly submitted an article, saying that she fell in love with him at first sight, and wanted to ask anyone who knows his contact information.

This photo wasn’t a sneak shot either. Because when the girl who had peeped at him countless times carefully raised her phone, Fang Mo, who had already known her existence, turned his head and smiled at her.

This caused the photo to look a little blurry due to the camera shake. However, it was precisely because of this that the picture had a hazy beauty. The person in the picture looked fresh, natural and sunny, full of youthful heartiness.

Just looking at this photo, no one could have predicted that Fang Mo’s mental activity at the time was: Heh, feel my handsomeness!

Later, when he saw the photo, his thoughts were: Oh, no wonder her hands were shaking. Even if it was me, seeing a man like this, my heart will beat like crazy.

Now he sent the photo and added another fake sentence.

“No, no, I may look good bin the one I sent before because I carefully took it. In fact, I am really mediocre. I usually look like this.”

He waited for half a minute and finally received a reply, only two words.

“Very good.”

Perfunctory air overflowed the screen.

How insensitive of a straight man to cause somebody this heartbroken. 

The conversation became unsustainable in an instant. But since Fang Mo was unwilling to just part ways, after pondering for a while, he took the initiative to send a question.

“Honestly, right now are a bit homophobic?”

This time, the opposite person answered much faster.

“Rather than homophobic, it can be said that it’s just I’m a bit nervous. I’m afraid of sexual harassment.”

Fang Mo in front of the screen blushed for some reason.

“Are you often sexually harassed?” he asked.

“It’s not so often… Forget it, it’s too stupid.” The other party replied.

Fang Mo was a little angry in his heart. It’s all those from who-knows-where stupid cunts, who didn’t know how to be reserved, faceless and skinless fault. Isn’t this like beating the grass to scare the snakes away!

He was just thinking about it, and another message came from the other side.

“I used to know two guys like this. They were a couple. They treated me very well. Although they looked a little weird, they didn’t feel disgusted because it didn’t hinder me. But to chase after me, I can’t stand it. Even if they come chasing in politeness, I still can’t. It’s too embarrassing. You should understand, right?”

It was difficult for Fang Mo to compare in his heart. Even if his goodness was overtly shown by many girls, he never had any resistance. He even took the initiative to contact the girl who took his photo before and posted it later to the confession forum to politely and directly express his gratitude and rejection.

Compared to being pursued by a girl, he disliked men who were shameless and obscene. After all, even if a girl confessed, she rarely overdosed it, but some gay men were extremely vulgar and cause serious discomfort. Although Fang Mo was oriented toward the same sex, he, after all, was one picky Lord. Otherwise, how could he still be single when there was no lack of suitors. He had also encountered a stalker who had molest him before, and now thinking it back, he was shrouded in fear.

Thinking of this, he suddenly understood how the other person felt.

“I understand. Have you ever received strange photos on the Internet?” he asked.

The opposite answered in seconds, emotionally.


Then he quickly added a long paragraph.

“When I was young and ignorant, I posted a picture of myself on Weibo, somehow it was forwarded to their circle by gay guys who knows from where. There were hundreds of them all at once. Damn, the private messages in the next few months were like nightmares. Even after I deleted the photo, it still didn’t work.”

No wonder he insisted so much and refused to post photos. It was a lesson learned from blood and tears.

“I have also met…” Fang Mo replied.

Of course his situation was different. He downloaded a same-sex dating app. When he registered, he chose 0.5 with a mindset of true love that he should not miss. Then he uploaded more than a dozen carefully selected selfie photos in his personal profile.

After that, in addition to the endless stream of normal greetings, he received dozens of speechless and indecent photos one after another. Both front and back, high-definition uncensored; he was stupefied seeing them.

The person opposite seemed to be a little excited because it was rare to find someone with the same misery.

“I just can’t figure it out. Some people have less than half the size of me. Isn’t it embarrassing to post to strangers everywhere on the Internet, isn’t it shameful?”

His original intention was to mock and complain.

But at this instant, it wasn’t good for Fang Mo.

His heart was surging as he touched the keyboard carefully with his two trembling fingers.

“Really all fake. That, how big are you? Can I see it?”

After typing, he looked at the line of words, swallowed silently, and pressed his finger on the delete key. After pressing it hard enough, the text disappeared from the input box in an instant.

Fang Mo looked at the line that just popped out of the dialog box, and was stunned. Under the turmoil of his mind, he mistakenly regarded the enter key as a delete key.

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