Taizi Ch11.2

[I read 2Ha once, and cried once. After listening to the audio drama, I started reading again. And once again my soul is being tortured. And since my soul has been tortured to the point of being depressed, I decided to update another half of chapter 11 today. *Weepings*] 

Peng! Yong Qi was hit at the edge of the table and the noise was loud. 

“Yong Qi!” Yong Shan’s heart shrank as he heard it, and rushed to hold his face, “Where did you hit? Let me see!”


Yong Lin also knew that he was in trouble and was taken aback. He quickly turned back and circled Yong Qi and shouted, “Brother Yong Qi, Brother Yong Qi, I was wrong, are you okay?” After seeing the red bruise on Yong Qi’s forehead, he impatiently said, “I will rub it for you.”

He stretched out his hand, but before it even touched Yong Qi’s forehead, Yong Shan waved it away, gritted his teeth and said in a low voice, “Scram.”

Yong Lin collapsed, almost crying out of shame, “Brother, I didn’t mean it, I really didn’t mean it.”

“Yong Shan,” Yong Qi whispered softly, his skin was delicate and tender, his face was pale white from pain. He frowned and said, “Your Highness, he is a naive child, don’t bother about him.”

Yong Lin was even more guilty, and suddenly burst into tears, “It’s all my fault! I did bad things! No wonder everyone dislikes me, but I even brought it upon myself! Brother Yong shan, you can beat me to vent your anger as you did last time, and you can do the share of Brother Yong Qi too. I will never tell mother!”

These two half-brothers actually had a tacit understanding than the twin brothers.

One begged, while the other wept bitterly, and when he was caught in the middle, he couldn’t even breathe.

Yong Shan looked at them coldly, his intestines seemed to be broken indiscriminately by someone poking with chopsticks. He was numb to the pain and couldn’t tell what it was like. After feeling frustrated for a while, he calmed down, and said with a wry smile, “Is a home-cooked meal worth your crying and screaming like this? You’re not like a prince at all.”

He helped Yong Qi to sit up, and when he looked back, he saw Chang Defu poking his head outside the door. He said in a loud voice, “Chang Defu, bring some bruised ointment. His Highness Yong Qi accidentally hit himself. Also, order people to re-served the dishes. In addition to the dishes just now, plus two more meat dishes, Yong Lin can’t live without meat.”

Chang Defu repeatedly and respectfully responded and immediately ran out to complete the tasks. Another two or three servants came in to clean up. After finishing cleaning the place, the ointment arrived. Yong Shan held it in his hand and asked Yong Qi to sit still. He picked a little with his fingertips, and carefully smeared it on the red and swollen forehead.

Yong Lin wiped his messy crying face, stood bewildered on one side, and said, “Brother Yong Shan, let me do it.”

Yong Shan’s heart was both downhearted and cold, to the point of not feeling angry with him anymore. Even his tone was milder than before, “It’s fine for you to sit down. After practicing a whole morning of horse riding and shooting, you didn’t have anything to eat yet, and still had to cry for a while, which is enough for you.” While speaking, he used his fingertips to gently move along the edge of the wound in circular motions.

The movements were gentle; it could break a person’s heart.

Seeing Yong Shan was so easy to deal with today, Yong Qi couldn’t help being a little surprised. He couldn’t help but stare at the strong and unpredictable younger brother in front of him. Just when Yong Shan was about to return his gaze, Yong Qi was slightly startled, and immediately dropped his eyes.

“It hurts? Did I rub it too hard?” Yong Shan stopped his movements.

Yong Qi shook his head. “No…en, it’s much better.”

He had his eyes down, and his long and thick eyelashes obscured the thoughts under his eyes. With just this sentence said to Yong Shan: there was a light movement inside his heart, as if a stone fell into the lake, creating a ripple effect, jumping inside and he couldn’t help raising his eyes again. 

The two black pupils were as smooth as gems, and they looked at rarely seen Yong Shan unsuspectingly.

Yong Shan, who was helping him rub the medicine, was very close, and when Yong Qi glanced lightly at him, it was as if he was looking straight into his soul. At the touch of that gaze, it seemed as though  Yong Shan’s heart was suddenly pulled away from his original position, and even his breath was abruptly held.

When he was chosen by the Emperor Yan as the Prince, no matter how big of events he had faced, nothing could make him change his complexion, not even the slightest. However, at this moment he was so excited that he couldn’t hold himself, his chest was full to the point of swelling, and only when he felt pain did he realize that he had forgotten to breathe.

Yong Shan fixed his eyes on Yong Qi and it took him a long time to suppress the rumbling roaring noise in his heart before he could whisper, “I’ve said before that I will treat you well in this life. You rest assured. Yong Shan will never regret what he said.”

This word was spoken with great sincerity, as if making a bloody oath, he was very determined.

Although Yong Qi had been painfully teased repeatedly by Yong Shan, his heart couldn’t help but tremble at this moment.

His mind was in a mess and he didn’t know how to respond to this sentence. He lowered his head, hiding his face in an uncertain manner, and pursed his lips in silence.

He didn’t make a sound, and Yong Shan also didn’t make a sound. Still helping him rub the wound, as if he couldn’t wait to show him how hearty devotion he was. He relied on his fingertips to clear the red and swollen wound, without leaving a trace of pain.

Yong Lin, who had done something wrong, with a guilty conscience, listened to Yong Shan honestly, and sat aside in distress. Although he felt uncomfortable, he was actually really behaved sitting quietly and didn’t say anything unnecessary again.

The three brothers didn’t speak, and the room was so quiet that the sound of a needle drop could be heard.

In the warm winter days, the sun was shining slightly in the afternoon, and it felt a little warm, lazy, and comfortable to the extreme. And everyone silently thought about their own affairs.

Being in silence like this could also cause many unpleasant things to be erased and faded. When the brothers looked at each other, and seeing guilty conscience in each other’s eyes, they gradually softened.

Soon, Chang Defu led the servants to bring up the freshly prepared hot dishes, and put them on the table one by one. He carefully explained with a smile, “There are two new meat dishes added for His Highness Yong Lin. One is three yellow chicken with scallion oil and stuffing, the other is pork elbow in marinated wine sauce. I originally wanted to make a hot pot of beef belly that His Highness Yong Lin loves to eat, but since it takes time to prepare and I am afraid it’s not enough time to make it, it will make your Highness wait too long…”

Yong Lin was still obedient just now, however, the rivers and mountains may change, but not one’s essential nature. After a while, being amused by Chang Defu, he reverted back to his old habits. Before Chang Defu finished speaking, he laughed and scolded. “You are too good at flattering. Your mouth almost runs flowers by describing these two kinds of dishes. En, I’ll find something to reward you.” He poked his hands into his arms, and after a long time, his smile suddenly became weird.

It turned out that today while he was practicing riding and shooting, he didn’t bring any gadget with him, which meant he couldn’t get anything out of it. Yong Lin had to look down at his belt. Two jade pendants were tied on it. One was given to him by Emperor Yan and the other was given by Shu Fei yesterday. Of course, he couldn’t give it to others.

But words had been spoken, and Chang Defu was still standing in front of him. If he was unable to take out things, wouldn’t it be too embarrassing?

While pretending to be anxious as he was looking around, his gaze fell on the ornaments on Yong Qi’s waist. He leaned over, clasped his hands together and begged with a smile. “Brother Yong Qi, since you have such a thin waist, it would be a lot of hard work to have such a large string of things hanging on. Why don’t you lend me a small piece and give it to me first, and I will get you a more beautiful one in the future.” As he said, he wanted to tear down pieces of jade.

Very unexpectedly, Yong Qi actually guarded his waist and prevented him from doing anything, and coaxed, “Yong Lin, the thing you want, can’t it be anything else? Big brother will go and find one for you. Stop your hand, don’t break it.”

Yong Qi had always been the best to Yong Lin, as long as Yong Lin begged, even if it was his beloved things, he was willing to let it out for him. It was just that the jade components on this waist, although each part was not big, the workmanship was exceptionally exquisite, and they were inlaid one after another. It was very rare, and it must be the top grade among Yong Shan’s rewards.

Yong Shan must have liked this too, but he still gave it to him, and he tied it up personally not long ago.

If he let Yong Lin tear it apart in front of Yong Shan, even Yong Qi would feel too sorry for Yong Shan. While stopping Yong Lin, he couldn’t help but worry that Yong Shan would get angry again. He moved his eyes to see Yong Shan’s reaction.

Where could Yong Shan get angry?

Seeing Yong Qi protecting the things he gave him, he was so happy that his hands and feet trembled, as if a drunken person, and only muttered repeatedly in his heart——

Break up mental and rock, break up metal and rock…

(T/N: full idioms; if you put your heart to it, you can break up metal and rocks.

With a will, you can achieve anything.)

Seeing Yong Qi look at him, he burst into a smile that was as bright as the sun, walked quickly over, took Yong Lin with him, and said in a gentle tone that the most loving brother in the world would, “Brother, if you want something to reward people, I have a bunch of things here, all kinds of things. No need to hold back, you can choose anything, as long as you like, and I will send someone to send it to you. What else you need in the future, don’t hesitate and just come to my palace and pick it.” He was extremely happy, even his words sound strange with a series “do not hesitate”.

Yong Shan took another piece of precious jade pendant from his waist, turned around and threw it to Chang Defu, boasting, “Today’s food is well prepared, and you are considered as devoted, take this and go.”

Since Chang Defu noticed that Yong Lin wanted to play with the jade decoration on Yong Qi’s waist, he was so scared that his calves cramped and yelled madly inside. Several times he wanted to ask Yong Lin not to reward him. In case the vinegar jar of His Highness turned over, it would not be fun to implicate himself on this little manager.

Unexpectedly, fortune would fall upon him. Yong Qi’s small refusal turned things around and finally he could also get a treasure. He narrowed his eyes with joy and bowed again and again. “My gratitude to Your Highness, Your Highness Yong Qi, Your Highness Yong Lin.” With that jade pendant, he retreated happily.

Yong Lin was moved by Yong Shan brotherly love for a long time. He opened his mouth wide, staring at Yong Shan in a daze, and couldn’t help being moved again. Holding Yong Shan’s hand, he stammered and said, “Brother Yong Shan, I…I know that no matter how a disappointment I am, you also… also love me.”

For the first time, Yong Shan felt a little guilty. 

Yong Qi said on the side, “If you want to talk, it’s better to talk while eating. The dishes are getting cold.”

The two twin brothers came back to their senses. They both were thinking of how difficult it was to eat this meal, and couldn’t help laughing at the same time. At that moment, their appearance and expression were all made out of the same mold.

Yong Qi was amazed, and for the first time he felt that Yong Shan and Yong Lin were extremely similar.

Strangely, why couldn’t he see it before?

As a result, the atmosphere became very good. The three brothers actually sat down at the table together, chatting and eating comfortably, and the most chatty one was of course Yong Lin. He talked about everything while chewing on pork elbows dropping with oil and greasy water. Yong Shan and Yong Qi chewed slowly, while listening to Yong Lin’s talking squirting his saliva wildly on the table. There were smiles on their faces, and occasionally when their eyes locked on each other, something light and warm hit their heart. They couldn’t help but heave a sigh in secret. It was just a meal. How could it be so different like before and after the rebirth?

Heaven’s will was really unpredictable.

Yong Shan knew what was going on best in his heart, but Yong Qi was only vague. He just felt that the person in front of him was not so hateful and terrible, and he was not greedy either. If this could continue, his mother would live in peace in the future. And this kind of life might be a little better than what he had expected.

Although his wish was not greedy, it was obviously not easy to come true.

Something happened before the meal was finished.

A shadow flashed, and stopped outside the door as his voice drifted into the room. “Your Highness, this servant has something important to report.”

Yong Shan strictly ordered that his meal would not be distrubed. He was still facing Yong Qi across the table, smiling as he listened to Yong Lin’s boasting. However, after hearing the sound, he glanced out of the door and when he saw the person’s face clearly, the corner of his eyes twitched. He put down the chopsticks, stood up slowly on his feet, smiled and said, “You eat first, I’ll go out for a while.”

Yong Shan paced out of the room, and when the person waiting outside was just to move his mouth, Yong Shan glanced at him, and immediately he fell silent.

The two soundlessly went to the corridor, and Yong Shan leisurely said, “Speak ba.”

The man was wearing the clothes of the mid-level guard in the palace, with a delicate trace hidden between his eyebrows. His name was Lin Chuan, and he was one of the powerful arms around Yong Shan whose duty was to scoop news in the palace.

Lin Chuan first took a look around.

“Your Highness.” He took a step forward and whispered in Yong Shan’s ear.

When Yong Shan heard this, although his face didn’t change much, his eyes sank immediately after. “When did my mother go to Li Fei’s place? What was she going to do?”

The place where Li Fei stayed was naturally the Cold Palace.

He originally didn’t want to bother Li Fei who was locked up in the Cold Palace. However, unexpectedly, not only Yong Lin but also Yong Qi who almost caused catastrophe there one after another. Thus, in case something worse might happen in the future, with so much effort, he ordered Lin Chuan to secretly pay attention to the things in the Cold Palace.

Lin Chuan said: The news that this servant got was that Shu Fei Niangniang had not only passed by during lunch but she also brought along a food box. She said that she and Li Fei Niangniang were like loving sisters, seeing Li Fei Niangniang was alone and deserted, she was also uneasy, thus she had brought something delicious to her. With Shu Fei Niangniang’s current status, the guards at the door did not dare to stop her, so they let her in. Half an hour later, Shu Fei Niangniang went out and returned back to the palace.”

Yong Shan became more suspicious when he heard the word “food box”.

The grievances between his mother and Li Fei were too deep and they had been fighting both secretly and openly over and over for decades. It had reached the point where the fire in their heart couldn’t go down without seeing each other’s corpse.

If Shu Fei hadn’t officially become an Empress, she would still be a little timid, and he could repeatedly intimidate her over and over again. However, this time he was afraid that Shu Fei would have dealt with the enemy who had been beaten into the Cold Palace already.

Loving sisters?

Hmph, even the guards who opened the door to welcome her in would never believe it.

Yong Shan sneered secretly, and slowly asked, “Has everything in the food box been checked?”

“Of course I checked it.” Lin Chuan said: “Although Li Fei Niangniang was detained in the Cold Palace, Li Fei Niangniang was favored by the emperor for many years and gave birth to the emperor’s first son. If something happens to her, which of the guards will survive? Besides, the guards knew something about the two Niangniangs, and they were even more careful when inspecting them.”

As if to secure Yong Shan’s heart, he added, “In addition, this servant has already clearly checked. After Shu Fei Niangniang left, Li Fei Niangniang is still inside. If something goes wrong, there will be a disturbance in the palace.”

“Oh?” Yong Shan smiled warily, “In that case, my mother just kindly sent something for her to eat this time?”

“It looks like there was a chat.”

“What did you say?”

“This servant is not clear.” Taking a look at Yong Shan’s star-like eyes, Lin Chuan’s breathing became quickening, seemingly a bit awkward, and whispered, “The Cold Palace is the place with the strictest head control in the harem. It takes time to inquire about the news and buy out manpower. Besides, those who follow Li Fei Niangniang personally, on the one hand, have been loyal to Li Fei Niangniang for many years, and on the other hand, even if one or two of them want to change sides for another Lord, would they still want to join us? Which is why, in these few days of work, this servant is temporarily unable to deal with the people inside. At present, I bought an ordinary guard at the door first, so I could only know what things were going on at the door, and after a few days pass, this servant will slowly find a way to seep inside more. Your Highness, this kind of thing can’t be rushed.”

Yong Shan knew what he was saying was the truth.

Inquiring about the news that shouldn’t be inquired in the harem was inherently dangerous. In case you showed your horse’s feet and got caught by someone, you might be immediately charged with conspiracy.

Especially the Cold Palace, especially Li Fei.

Who would believe that the new actions in the Cold Palace were not to harm Li Fei, but to protect Li Fei?

If you stumbled in this place and got caught by someone, you would not be able to clean it even after you jumped into the Yellow River in front of Emperor Yan.

Yong Shan sighed secretly, his face pretended not to care, and just said, “It’s not bad that you can do this thing in just a few days. It’s because I didn’t think thoroughly before, and I should have paid more attention to the Cold Palace a long time ago, not as it is today.”

With these few words of self-blaming, Lin Chuan certainly didn’t dare to interject, he lowered his head and listened to the side.

Yong Shan said, “Go and meet the guard who was bribed, praise him, and give him some more money. Regardless of whether he is on duty or not, he must report immediately. Don’t be like this time, I only got the news when people have already left.”

Lin Chuan nodded and said yes.

Yong Shan exhorted, “Pay more attention to Li Fei. If she feels sick, call a good imperial doctor to see her immediately. Don’t let people take the opportunity to harm her.”

The two discussed carefully.

He dismissed Lin Chuan, and after thinking of Yong Qi who was still left in the room, Yong Shan went back in the same way he left the room.


[I plan to translate and update the next chapter as a whole so it might take longer than usual. *Wipes away invisible tear* Thanks for your patience and see you soon.]

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